Gestational Diabetes

I forgot to post after my last appt. It was last Thursday and I had another u/s. I also had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. Well, the u/s showed that my placenta had moved up and was looking great. Amount of fluid was good too. We got a cute picture of Amelia’s arm and her little fist all balled up.

My Glucose level came back too high. The cutoff is 140 and mine was at 160. So I had to go for the 3 hour test. YUCK! Apparently I’m also slightly anemic so I have to take an iron supplement from now on.

The 3 hour test was on Tuesday. Not bad but it just started getting boring. I was slightly sick but that was because I was so hungry from not eating. The glucose drink didn’t make me sick or anything. I haven’t heard back yet and the doc said if I did okay, then I wouldn’t hear anything till my next appt which is 2 weeks from today. I’m crossing my fingers that I pass.

Oh yeah. Today we got an unexpected gift in the mail. I haven’t opened it yet as I’m waiting for my husband to get home so we can open it together…but I know it’s something off my registry cause it’s from I am resisting temptation to go peek at my registry and see what’s been bought. I also have no idea who sent it. The message on the tag makes it a definite mystery.


Dreams in Pregnancy

I actually haven’t had too many dreams involving my pregnancy that I can recall. I remember one from this weekend though. I had a stethescope and was trying to hear Amelia’s heartbeat. I heard her heartbeat, then my husband pulled the stethescope away from my belly and I could still hear it.

Most of my dreams (that I can remember the next morning) seem to be regular dreams, with one change. I’m usually pregnant in the dream and it is mentioned in some way. But they don’t actually pertain to my pregnancy…they are about something else.

Of course the one I had last night could have something to do with my pregnancy even though it doesn’t seem to. I dreamt that my husband had rearranged the bedroom closet. Like redid the shelving to maximize the space and had organized the clothes that hung in there in a particular way. Another dream I remember is waking up on a work day early (like 5:30 or 6am) and seeing him outside with a chainsaw and his workhorses cutting some wood for a project. Could these dreams relate to my nesting phase…dreaming about my husband nesting? LOL!


I sure hope my husband comes through with his talk of helping out around the house more. I’m going to need it. I did a little vacuuming in the dining room and kitchen just now and my back is hurting like crazy. Won’t be vacuuming much from now till well after Amelia gets here. If my husband doesn’t help, my house is going to become a pig sty pretty quick! Even when my nesting phase kicks in, I still won’t be able to do as much as I want. 😦 Ugh!

Braxton Hicks

Today, I felt my first official true BH contractions. I’ve had several occassions where I feel areas of my stomach tighten up, but today it was different. My entire stomach tightened up and it was quite uncomfortable. Even my back was hurting. Wow! At first I didn’t quite know what was going on. Then it dawned on me and I was like, “OH! That’s what’s happening.”


Sunday, while DH was out playing disc golf with the guys, I went and saw The Devil Wears Prada. It was a pretty good movie. I was expecting more from it, but overall, I enjoyed it.

When I went to get my ticket, the lady said I was the first person of the day to NOT get a ticket to Pirates. But I was about 20 minutes early, so by the time the movie started a few more straglers had come in, making it somewhere around 15-20 people watching the movie with me. I picked a good weekend, since the crowd was so thin due to Pirates being released.

My message board thread had our Virtual Baby Shower yesterday also. It was pretty cool. Everyone opened their gifts at a certain time, then posted a picture of what they received. I got a Snugli Carrier. I’m looking forward to using it to carry Amelia. It will definitely save my arm strength I’m sure.