A Test Grade Matters

homework_paperWhen my daughter brings home her school tests, we make sure to go over every answer she got wrong so that she understands why it was marked wrong and what the correct answer is. That way she learns from her mistakes.

Good thing we do this. We found a math problem that the teacher marked wrong, but was actually correct. I brought this to the teacher and luckily she was very nice about it. She changed the test grade in the computer right away while I watched. And big deal it was. It brought the test grade from a B to an A.

She’s only in third grade, but still. For a child who thinks she’s going to fail because she misspelled “coming”, it’s a huge deal to go from a B to an A.

So if you think the answer is right, even though it’s marked wrong, bring it up to the teacher, professor, or whatever instructor graded the test. They are only human and they make mistakes, too.


Share Your Mac Screen

If you need to share your Mac desktop screen, you can easily do it through iMessage if you are on Yosemite. Check it out! You can even allow someone to take control. This will come in handy since my mother just got her first Mac, after many years on Windows.

Start or Request Screen Sharing from Messages in Mac OS X

He’s late

My nephew was supposed to be here by today. But he’s being extremely stubborn, as babies tend to be, and is taking his sweet time to get out of his mommy’s belly.

I’m writing to tell Beckett to get out! We all want to meet you finally and it’s time for the next phase of your life.

Life on the outside.

Clothes Shopping

I really dislike clothes shopping. I always have. I guess that doesn’t make me a normal woman. But it’s true. I’ve always struggled trying to find clothes that fit, so I get frustrated.

I can go into a store dressing room with 15 pairs of pants and come back out with 2 that actually fit right. Usually they are too long, because it’s hard to find pants for short people. Or they are too tight in the waist, if the hips fit. If I get some that fit my waist, then my hips are swimming in them.

I never know what size shirt to get either. Small, medium or large, I have a little of all sizes in my closet.

Today, one of the few decent pants I have for work ripped at the hem. I’ve already jimmied the zipper with a twist tie. I guess now they really do need to be replaced. So this weekend, I will have to endure the frustrating world of clothes shopping to find at least one pair of pants that I can wear for work.

As you can imagine, I don’t shop for clothes often. So my wardrobe isn’t huge and it’s getting stagnant. I need a fresh, new wardrobe for this summer, yet, I do not look forward to the part where I actually have to go shopping. Ugh!