The big notebook conundrum

So I’m struggling with a decision. Last week I discovered bullet journaling. Didn’t want to yet commit to the expense of a Leuchttrum 1917 notebook because I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I went with something cheaper. Big mistake! It’s only been a week and I’m already having to use tape to hold the pages in. So it’s starting to get really bulky and the pages are extremely uneven now. Sure, it makes for a unique and interesting journal, but it bothers me that the pages are falling out after only a week of use. It’s frustrating! This journal has approx. 96 pages and I’ve only used about 20 so far. So it has a lot of blank pages still.

I caved and ordered a Leuchttrum 1917. All pretty in red, dotted with a pocket and two bookmarks. And it arrives today.

So my big decision is this: Should I continue to slog on in the old journal, even though it’s already falling apart? Or should I just give up and start September in the new book that I know will hold up?

If I start the new journal in Sept, what do I do with the old journal since it has so many empty pages? Put it away and just let it be a lesson learned, or use those pages for something else?

Decisions, decisions.



Bullet Journaling

So back in April, I started trying to journal. Basic plain, write something down every day. I did great for two months, then slowly started fading out. I still journal, just not every single day.

Recently, I discovered bullet journaling. It totally makes sense. It allows me the freedom to use my journal for more than just daily writing. And since it can be whatever you make it, I am going to try it.

I think I will keep traditional journal entries in there when I feel like it, but keeping an index allows me to keep my lists there as well. This is huge!

Another thing I might do, now that my daughter is back in school, is try a weekly spread so I can keep track of all her activities for the week. I found a simple weekly spread that I like that allows me plenty of space to free-form what’s happening during the week. My family uses a shared calendar for all important events, and we also use a shared grocery list, but it would be nice to see at a glance all that’s going on during the week mixed in with my thoughts.

When I was in high school, I carried a pocket calendar with me that I used to write down what happened each day: test dates, assignments due, went out with friends, period, etc.

I quit doing that when I went to college, although I don’t know why. My life isn’t as varied now, it’s more routine, but I’d love to start doing that again. Especially now that my daughter is getting older and starting to have more activities.

I purchased a new notebook. I LOVE notebooks. And I even set up the index and the key and I created one list. But I don’t necessarily need to use it right away. I can start journaling in this way in my current journal, even though right now it mostly just has traditional entries.

So I’m gonna start out slowly with my existing journal and then just migrate over when I use it up. At this rate, it won’t take much longer. And I’m excited to try out the weekly spread next week.


I love my Keurig. Instant coffee or tea. It’s awesome. But sometimes I just miss that wonderful smell of a fresh brewed pot of coffee that lingers in the kitchen and faintly spreads throughout the house.

A Reading Log

I’ve been contemplating using a regular notebook to keep track of what I’ve read. The old fashioned way. In addition to Goodreads. I know. I’m a bit mad. 

But here’s the deal. What happens if Goodreads ever crashes or my account goes to crap? I’ve got years of reading tracked there. Over 1800 books read.  

I’ve exported my shelves in the past as a backup but it has way too much info and I don’t necessarily need the list of what I want to read unless I already own it. And that could definitely and easily be another list. 

But I’m just not sure I want to go through the trouble of transferring all that info to a notebook. 

And where do I begin? I know my shelves on GR have books I’ve read eons ago but have no idea when. I just know I’ve read them in the past so they don’t have dates. Do I transfer those as well? Or just start with what I know as far as dates. 

The idea came about because I got a new Kindle. So I made a list of the 130+ books sitting on my old Kindle. That way I could redownload them as needed and they wouldn’t get lost in the bowels of my Amazon library. 

As I read, I’ve been marking them read with a date and rating. Yes, I’ve also kept all this up in GR, but it’s been nice to see it in print. 

So what do you do? How do you keep track of the books you’ve read?