Angst in a Tween

So I’ve gone off M/M for a moment and am picked up Tales from the Pantry: Random Rants & Musings of a Stay-At-Home Mom on Kindle Unlimited. It’s hilarious! And while it does remind me of some of the crazier moments with my daughter when she was little, I don’t feel like my life was as nuts or frazzled. Maybe because I only have one to deal with.

I think that will change as she gets older though, because she’s 9 so we are now getting to the puberty and hormones and preteen stage. Which I’m learning is a whole different ballgame of fun times.

Yesterday, I picked her up from school and after about 3 minutes, her attitude was snarky, mean and she yelled at me because she was thirsty and I didn’t have a drink for her. It didn’t matter that she was just within steps from the water fountain at school, had a water bottle she could have filled to have in the car and we were going straight home.

Then when we got home, she had a total meltdown with about 20 – 30 minutes of crying because she couldn’t have the ice cream on her school field trip. We think she is lactose intolerant, so she’s afraid to drink milk or eat ice cream. She also doesn’t eat a whole lot of cheese, except on her pizza. ~ insert eye roll~ Never mind that we buy lactose free milk and lactose free ice cream. She still refuses.

And then proceeds to complain for 10 minutes because I’m making her read for 20 minutes before she’s allowed to watch television.

Oi! And she’s only nine! Nine! I can’t even think how much worse it will be when the hormones really kick in and teenage angst becomes a living thing.


Print vs Digital

B00AWH595MSince I received a Kindle about 5 years ago, I think I’ve read no more than a handful of print books and the last one was probably two years ago. I do own some, I just haven’t gotten around to reading them.

A few weeks ago, I discovered Overdrive, where I can get library books on my Kindle. Wow! Score! So I joined my local library and the one in a neighboring county. Then proceeded to browse their catalogs for books to read. And I checked out a hardback book. Gasp!

I’m reading Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. And I’ve realized two important facts about reading print vs digital.

I truly miss reading a print book. The smell. The way the spine creaks when I open the book. The feel of the paper as I flip the pages. I definitely need to read more print books. And I’m hoping that reading this book is just the thing to get me back in print.

I’ve also realized a slight downside to print books that has given me pause as I read Drew’s book. With my Kindle, it’s so easy to share quotes. With the print book, I can’t just highlight a passage and share it with fellow readers. It’s not that big a deal, but it has made me stop reading for a moment and wish I could highlight what I just read. Argh!

Going forward, I still want to get back to print but I’m definitely not going to abandon my Kindle. For one, I have over 150 books on my Kindle that I have yet to read that I’ve bought, borrowed or downloaded free. And much of what I read can’t be found in print anyway. Second, I just upgraded my Paperwhite to the latest version and I’m truly enjoying the new Home screen and fonts.

But I do think I will start making use of my library cards to get books in print and enjoy the best of both formats.

Frantically reading

A while back I signed up for Scribd because Dreamspinner Press had tons of titles there. Well, I guess they are being purged along with all the other romance being scrapped from Scribd’s library. So now I’m in a frantic mode trying to read as many of those expiring titles as I possibly can before they go away.

Agh. It looks like I may be canceling my subscription in the next month if all of those M/M titles disappear. Such a disappointment!

Slight Cutback

Our financial situation at home might be changing in a huge way, so I may have to watch my spending. At least for the summer. In anticipation of that change, I’ve had to let go of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I also put my Audible membership on hold until August.

I’m not too heartbroken either. I didn’t use my KU subscription enough, since I primarily read M/M. And while I love listening to audiobooks, I have a backlist there as well. If I take my time with them, they should last me a month or two.

I’m still keeping my subscription to Scribd. The least expensive of the three, it offers the largest selection of M/M romance, although not in audio format yet.

I still have over 180 titles on my Kindle that I haven’t read. And let’s not forget the constant freebies that crop up around the net. Because of the M/M group on Goodreads, I’m also able to borrow/lend Kindle titles from fellow group members.

So although I’m having to give up two book memberships, at least for the summer, I still should have plenty to read without buying a single book for the next 3-4 months.