About the author


That’s me!

I am a 40-something wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I work as a software developer and for the most part I enjoy it. I write custom in-house applications using C# and ASP.NET.

In 2004, I decided I would teach myself to knit and crochet and I did. I went out and bought some how to books and some supplies and I learned on my own with no one to help me.  You can read about my adventures in knitting and crochet, but browsing the Hobbies category.

I love reading and will read almost anything, but I especially love romance novels. As a child, I would get in trouble for spending too much time reading and not paying attention to the rest of the world. I only hope I can pass along my love of books and reading to my daughter. I was gifted a Kindle in 2011 for Mother’s Day and it makes it so easy to get new books to read. In 2013, I discovered MM Romance, and my Kindle exploded with more books than I could read in a lifetime. That year, I read over 500 books. I’ve since scaled back a bit, and after almost three years of reading exclusively mm romance, I’m branching back out to other genres, especially an old love of mine, biographies.


5 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I happened to stuble across your blog and really liked it. We’re always looking for fabulous Mommy Bloggers to contribute to our site. Let me give you some more info in case you’re interested.

    We’re a couple of Mom’s who recently launched http://www.HeardonthePlayground.com, a site that collects Funny Kid Stories and Hilarious Pictures.

    We’ve enjoyed a successful relationship with Mommy Bloggers in the past and are looking to expand upon this partnership by offering free outbound links back to your blog(s) giving you greater visibility to our national audience.

    We are also in the process of putting together a book of the best stories and funniest pictures that will be in bookstores in the Spring. If any of your submissions are selected for the book, we will include your blog address as a contributor giving you a huge amount of exposure.

    Here are 3 examples of stories we’ve selected for the book:

    Eddie, 6 – Ohio
    You might guess two people are married if they’re both yelling at the same kids.

    Sally, 8 – Indiana
    The art teacher walked into class and told the students they could draw anything they wanted. Excitedly, the students started coloring beautiful pirate ships, spacecrafts, forests, and rainbows. The art teacher walked around looking at the drawings and abruptly stopped at Sally’s paper. Confused, he asked “What are you drawing?” Sally replied, “I’m drawing God.” The art teacher looked at her sympathetically saying, “Sweetie, no one knows what God looks like.” Sally smiled confidently and said “Well, they will in a minute.”

    Maggie, 2 – Illinois
    One day I was busy in the kitchen and Maggie was whining for dinner. After I had all that I could take, I stopped what I was doing turned to her and said “Will you please cut me some slack?” She looked at me wide-eyed and said with as much conviction, “No, you cut me a snack.”

    We want to see your most memorable stories and photos as well. You can either e-mail them to HontheP@comcast.net or post them yourself at http://www.HeardonthePlayground.com. We hope to decide to share the laughs.

    – Andrea Sherr

    1. Thanks. You’ve given me a topic for a post! I don’t think the title of programmer is as elite as it used to be. Technology and advancements in the field has made it much easier for anyone to learn a programming language.

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