iOS9 Font

I updated my iPhone to iOS 9 and I love the new font! It’s so clean and clear. Very readable.


Frantically reading

A while back I signed up for Scribd because Dreamspinner Press had tons of titles there. Well, I guess they are being purged along with all the other romance being scrapped from Scribd’s library. So now I’m in a frantic mode trying to read as many of those expiring titles as I possibly can before they go away.

Agh. It looks like I may be canceling my subscription in the next month if all of those M/M titles disappear. Such a disappointment!

Developer Question

I’ve decided to expand my developer skills and learn more javascript. I really need to step up my game and sharpen my front-end skills. So I’ve spent the past week on studying up on AngularJS.

I am loving its capabilities and what you can do with it, especially when combined with bootstrap. I’m a .NET developer so I am deeply entrenched in ASP.NET, so of course, I want to combine the two. I found a great talk that Miguel Castro did on how to merge Angular with ASP.NET MVC. It’s exactly what I want to accomplish.

But I’ve seen so many tutorials on Angular and it’s gotten me curious. What is the most common backend for sites built with Angular. If any developers out there happen to see this post, please comment. I want to know. PHP, Java, .NET Web API, or something else?