Glad for the End

I’m part of the Scavenger Hunt challenge over on the MM Romance Group on We’ve been hunting the books for almost 6 months now. This is the last month of the challenge. And while I have truly enjoyed it and have read some great books I wouldn’t have otherwise read, I will be glad to be done with it, so I can get  to reading some of the books on my TBR list (and my kindle) that have been patiently waiting for my attention.

I’m really looking forward to doing some catch up on the 150+ books lurking on my kindle. The group on GR has been wonderful for finding free and inexpensive gems in the mm romance genre. And yes, there are a few that are not mm romance. I’ve got a little bit of everything in there now, thanks to the Kindle First program on Amazon for Prime members. Many of the books, I’ve gotten for free or at discount because of sales all over the internet, not just at Amazon.

Now I just need to get through this month’s TBR list.


Too many

There are too many books to read. My kindle list just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I can’t keep up.

Snoring is not Adorable

When I was little, I remember times when I would wake up in the middle of the night frightened. I’d run to my parents room and wake them up convinced there was someone outside my bedroom window or somewhere in my room. It always turned out to be my dad’s snoring that I could hear from my room down the hall.

Now I’m married to a man that snores just as loud.

So when I read a story and the MC is all mushy about how his partner is so adorable as he snores softly while he sleeps it just makes me cringe. Snoring is not adorable. It’s loud and obnoxious. It wakes me up in the middle of the night and keeps me from falling back asleep.

Why can’t that reality be in a romance novel? Us unfortunate souls who belong to a snorer just put up with it because we love our partner. Put that in the story. It’s a character flaw that most people deal with.

Audiobook Progress Update

The Audible app on my phone does not show a percentage for how far along I am in a book. It only shows how much time I have remaining. This is nice, but I really want percentage because that’s how I update my progress on Goodreads.

So I created a Google spreadsheet that does the calculation. I enter in the hours and minutes for both total length of the book and what the Audible app is reporting as time remaining. It then calculates the percent listened/read.

percentage_sheetI don’t know why I didn’t think of that before now. And with the Sheets and GR apps on my phone, it’s easy to figure out how far along I am and update GR all right from my phone.