– ugh!

I am struggling with this. was supposed to be a newer better way to manage my finances. That’s why we were forced to switch to it from Quicken Online. But it’s aweful. It’s missing key elements.

Instead of focusing on what makes a good account manager, they focus on sales…constantly trying to sell you a new credit card, or some other thing. They totally lack the basic elements of money management. I simply want a way to keep track of daily expenses. But my account is so screwed up I can’t make any sense of it. I never know exactly how much money I truly have in my checking account because it’s never accurate. There are transactions in there that I have no idea why they are showing up and of course I can’t remove them, because Mint thinks they came from my bank account, which I know they didn’t. I can’t enter recurring transactions for bills that are paid monthly. Most of the time, it doesn’t even match up my manual transactions with the ones it pulls from my bank.

Ever time I try to balance and see what I have on hand, I get so frustrated. Something that worked so well with Quicken was replaced by some “fancy” garbage. I think most of us don’t care about the bells and whistles that are offered by Mint. The get-out-of-debt plans it proposes, all the credit card offers that claim to save us money. The “save for that big expense” plan. It’s really annoying to see all that stuff, when the primary features that to me are critical in account management are missing.

Oh how I miss you, Quicken Online.



I’ve moved my site. In a few months I’ll be giving up my domain. It’s going to be a bit weird since I’ve had it for years, but in an effort to save money because of family issues, it has to go. Therefore, the hosting will go as well as of February. So everything is here at from now on. No more 😦


There are certain chores I really don’t mind doing. When I’m doing dishes, it’s an opportunity to go away into my own mind and thoughts. I think about everything. I just get lost in there.

I see mowing the lawn as a great way to get some exercise in, so I really don’t mind getting out there and pushing the mower. It is self-propelled, of course, but still. Walking and pushing for 30 minutes to an hour is great exercise. I definitely feel it afterwards. And to me it’s more entertaining than running on a treadmill where I’m not seeing the same progress and finish line. When I mow I have a goal, the finished lawn.

There are times when I don’t even mind putting away the laundry. For the same reason as washing dishes. But then other times it just irks me when the hubby comes in, talks to me and then leaves instead of helping me put clothes away, especially when it’s late at night and I’m tired.

But in case you were wondering, there are chores I can’t stand doing. Sweeping and mopping the floor. Sweeping isn’t as bad as mopping, but when you have two dogs that bring in every scrap of dirt possible, then it gets trying to keep the floor clean. The one thing I look forward to when our dogs are no longer with us, sorry for saying. I’m being honest, at least. Mopping, forget it. I love a clean floor, but again, pointless when you have my dogs.

I don’t like cleaning the bathroom. I do it, because, well, it’s really gross to have a dirty bathroom. But, bleh! I’d rather pay someone to come clean the floor and bathrooms. Seriously. Of course, I can’t afford it, so I end up having to suffer through it.

Almost Full Circle

I studied Environmental Science in college with the hopes of going into Environmental Preservation helping endangered species. After a little bit of job hunting, I gave up those dreams and got an entry level data entry position. The company I worked for offered tuition reimbursement so I went back to school working towards a Masters in Computer Science. An easier field to get into.

Once a completed enough courses to qualify me, I applied for a programming job and was quickly employed. I’d been doing computer programming for almost 10 years and had gotten to the point of burnout when an opportunity for a change came about. It also came with a promotion, meaning more money. Of course, I took it. The job was again working as a programmer, but this time for the Department of Environmental Management for the State of Alabama. Imagine the odds!

I wish I’d known back then that I could try for a state position as an Environmental Scientist. I would definitely have applied, but I didn’t know anything about it back then. It’s a bit too late to go the scientist route without suffering a severe cut in pay (if they would even let me), but although I do love programming, I still envy the scientists their job and sometimes wish things had turned out differently.

Night drink

I’ve been drinking coffee every morning for many years. Even when I was pregnant, my doctor cleared me to have my one cup a day. Recently, I decided to try Green Tea since it’s such a healthy drink, or so they say. I started out drinking the Lipton green tea with citrus in the individual bottles. It wasn’t bad. So I quickly progressed to drinking hot tea with citrus. Now I can drink green tea plain and actually prefer it that way. I don’t sweeten it any, I like it natural.

It’s become my habit now to have my cup of tea in the evenings, like I have to have my cup of coffee in the mornings. They say green tees is an acquired taste, so I’m really surprised that I took to it so well and so quickly. I dislike so many other healthy foods, that I figured this would be one of them, but I decided to give it a try since I like other flavored teas. I’m glad I did.

Nowdays, I have a cup of hot green tea almost every night. It also helps me resist the munchies that I can’t help but get when I see my husband getting a late snack.