No Change

I had my weekly weigh-in this past Thursday and there was no change from the week before. But that’s okay. I’m still more active…doing 60min bike rides on the weekends (both days), plus my 60 min Zumba class on Thursdays plus my 2 days of strength training, plus whatever extra cardio I can fit in the rest of the week.

I feel like I’m doing pretty well, even though so far I don’t see much change, besides the 7 lbs I’ve lost so far.

Dance Dance Revolution (Wii video game)

We bought Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii this weekend. That’s pretty fun although I haven’t played it much. It still feels wrong in a sense to workout to a video game. I still feel like I’m wasting time playing a video game instead of doing other important chores. So it’s a bit hard for me to do the Wii workouts consistently. Not to mention they are in the living room where my DH likes to watch TV. Now that the Fall TV season and football season will be starting soon, it will be even harder to convince him that I need to use the TV to do my workout instead of letting him sit there watching whatever show.

I have sort of turned my fiber room into a makeshift exercise room. I now have a TV and DVD player in there, plus an old laptop that we never use anymore. So I can do workout DVDs and online videos in there. I usually have enough open floor space for most workouts, but I’ve been seriously contemplating getting rid of the 42″ floor loom that takes up 1/2 the room. I don’t use it. I’ve used it once in the 9 months that I’ve had it. I could easily replace it with a treadmill that takes up much less room, at least the treadmill I’m looking at. Or at least just have more room to exercise. But I’m not sure I’m quite ready to give it up, after all the trouble that was went through to get it to the house and in the room to begin with.



Today, I’m indulging. I’m craving Mexican so I’m having a half quesadilla with chips and salsa. I’ll save the other half of my quesadilla for tomorrow or something.

Last night I started a Zumba class. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t notice how quickly the time went and was wanting it to keep going. I’m looking forward to class next week.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Heart Rate Monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also bought a heart rate monitor (Polar F6). Ordered, so I’m hoping it gets here in time for my next class. I’m also curious to see if my calorie burn when cycling is anything close to what the fitness trackers say.

Overworked and Sore

Wii Fit

Wii Fit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a bit overworked today and definitely need somewhat of a break. We biked over an hour both Saturday and Sunday, and the trail we used had a lot of hills, so my legs got a major workout this weekend. It was a lot of fun, but I definitely need to give them a break.

On Thursday, I got on the Wii Fit and did the boxing. Man, that made my arms sore. I think they are finally getting over that today! Ha!

Tonight, I have to mow the yard, which will give me a good cardio workout, plus I’m hoping to squeeze in 10-15 min of core exercises, because I’ve been severely neglecting that part of my body. Then tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve made Tuesdays my official day off since it’s my knit night.

But I’m getting into the mindset of “ok, what sort of workout can I fit into my schedule today”. It’s definitely a good thing and I know although I do get sore, it’s definitely better than sitting around on my bum all the time.

Yesterday, I think I may have sat down in front of the TV and watched it for all of 2 hours total, from the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed. We were just on the go all day long. It was a bit crazy, so I really am enjoying my desk job today. heehee.

Good Week So Far

This has been a good week so far. I’ve found an activity that we can enjoy as a family and burns calories. Bicycling! My husband loves to ride. Our daughter loves her new seat; she rides up front with daddy and she sits higher up so she can see. My husband has made a goal for himself to ride 10 miles in an hour. If I can keep up, that’s a great workout. Right now I think we’ve managed just under 8 mph.

Sunday we rode for over an hour. Last night we rode for about 50 minutes. And as a bonus I managed to get up early this morning and do my Wii workout.

At the moment I have renewed enthusiasm for my exercise and weight loss goals. It’s a great feeling to have. Get a 100% FREE Online DietPart of this renewed enthusiasm is because I joined a new website this week. I’m now using to track my calories and fitness. It’s different from Calorie Count in that it seems to be a much bigger community.  I’m finding foods there that I can’t find in Calorie Count. I love the fitness workout videos and articles.In some ways I like that it’s got the cardio and strength separated out. It’s a bit difficult to incorporate my Active workouts, but it’s not easy on CC either. I like that you can let it create a strength plan for you to follow and all you do is check off the exercises once you are done. Or you can track your own.

I like that you can set up fitness goals, setting which days you will do strength and which days you’ll do cardio. You can also set a goal of how much time each of those days you will spend on that workout. I think it helps me see everything in smaller chunks so it’s not so overwhelming.

I really like that you can tell it your activity level, what areas you want to work and for how long and it will generate different workouts for you to try out. It just makes figuring out what to do for your workout much easier. It sort of guides you and that’s something I definitely need, especially once I finish my 30-day challenge and don’t have the Active trainer holding my hand anymore.

No Active, But Stayed Active

No Active workout yesterday or today. 😦 Yesterday I was sick, so I literally had no energy to do anything. Friday was my day off but I managed to do 15 minutes of cardio (jump-rope like) and that was pretty fun. My lower calves were hurting a bit yesterday, but I really like it and it’s only 10 minutes so I can fit it into my evenings much easier. I tried to get up and move, but just couldn’t summon the energy.

Today was pretty good and active though. I mowed the yard for about 30 minutes. Plus we’ve gone on 2 bike rides totaling just over an hour. So even though I didn’t do my Active workout, I’ve definitely burned some good calories. I think that counts just as much as doing my Wii workouts. So I don’t mind missing my workout day. I just need to get back on track with it so that I can at least finish this first 30-day challenge. Then I might take a break from it and enjoy other types of activities (like the bike ride), before starting up a 2nd challenge.

We got a seat for DD to sit in front of DH on his bike. I think she enjoys it much more than the trailer because she sits up higher and isn’t being covered in dirt. DH liked going out for a bike ride too and fussed at the idea that I’d go without him. So let’s cross our fingers that we can make it a regular thing maybe 2 or 3 times a week. At least till the time change in October and the colder weather sets in.