2008 Plan of Action

Since the New Year is right around the corner, I worked on a plan of action for 2008. A way to get myself organized as far as which projects are priority to finish, which need progress, which need to be started and completed before the year is up, etc.

So I wrote it all down, and now feel like I have a handle on things. First things first, Finish Nez’s Afghan. Then finish Smitten (Amelia’s cardigan). Then finish the crochet tablecloth. I’m just about done with the afghan and it’s coming out fabulous. I really like it. I have one more border to work (12 rows of ripple), then 6 rounds of edging and weaving in a zillion ends. Smitten needs a sleeve finished, another sleeve worked, then it’s on hold til I either can find some more yarn via Ravelry, or til February when Knit Picks will have available the colorway I need. I’m short 2 skeins to finish the left front piece. 😦 Hopefully the weather will hold so that when I do finish it, Amelia will get some use out of it before spring arrives.  The tablecloth is crochet thread. I think I’m more than 1/2 way through the required rounds. And it’s only about 36″ in diameter so it shouldn’t take too long. And I actually like doing thread crochet. So it should go pretty quick. If I finish the blanket and what I can do on Smitten before I get more yarn, then I’ll work on the tablecloth while I wait.
Once all that is finished (I’m guessing about Feb or March), then I start on the Christmas projects. I ordered a kit from Annie’s Woolens for a knit stocking. I plan to make it for Amelia because she doesn’t have her own stocking yet. Last year we used one that DH had given to me when we got engaged. If it goes well, then I will make one for myself and for DH, so we all have handmade stockings. I’m keeping it to those 3 items. But before I start on that, I think I’m going to make a few snowflake coasters. I’ve never done fair isle before, and I’d rather practice on something small before I tackle a project as big as the stocking.

I’m also working on the woven afghan. I can make 2 squares in less than 2 hours while watching television in the evenings. So this is a great break away from all the other intense projects.

In addition to all that, I want to get some decent progress done on the Gingham and Ruffles granny square afghan and the bear claw knitted blanket. No rush to get them finished, but I do want to make some significant progress.

Then if time permits during all of this, I’d like to make a few loom knitted items. I’m thinking of trying out the Irish Hiking scarf modifying the pattern (as needed) for the loom. I think it would be good practice and fun to do.

So that’s the gist of my plan for 2008. I’m well on my way as I spent most of the weekend working on the afghan for my sister. And it feels good to have some sort of plan for finishing my WIPs and getting some stuff done that I really would like to have made before the year is over.



I’m so behind on posting. I’ve been extremely neglectful of this site and my regular blog. Life has kept me busy. Well, and my toddler. 🙂 But a lot has happened.

At the beginning of Dec, I went to the Cracker Christmas Festival at Fort Christmas in Orlando. A friend was demonstrating triangle loom weaving and I got interested in weaving. So I purchased a set of 7″ looms from Hazel Rose Looms. I’m having so much fun weaving on these small looms. It’s the perfect excuse to use up my stash acrylic. I’m making a bunch of squares and will crochet them together to make a scrappy afghan.

I also got interested in loom knitting. So I purchased a small gauge knitting board from KnittingBoard.com. I’ve yet to complete a project on it. I’m having trouble adjusting to the nails (as opposed to pegs with grooves). Because of that, I’ve also purchased a regular gauge knitting board from Decor Accents. I think I will like it better because of the pegs. Then for Christmas, I received the round and long set of Knifty Knitter looms. I started a hat on the red loom for practice, but haven’t finished it yet. I might rip it back and start over with 2 strands or bulkier yarn. Currently using Red Heart since it was what was available at the time. I do have several projects that I can’t wait to get started on though.


I’ve been inspired to work on my afghans. I’ve been browsing afghan projects on ravelry. Just looking at what others have made really is inspirational. And it’s motivational. I want to get working on my afghans again and get them finished so I can show them off.

For some reason, after months of letting it sit, I picked up my sis’ afghan and started the left border. I got the first 2 rows of it done. Each border is 12 rows, then I have to do a 6-round edge on the whole thing. But once I get going it’s not that difficult and it’s actually fun watching the ripple take shape. It’s a pretty simple pattern repeat (but I do have to say it in my head as I go along). Maybe I’ll actually get this done soon. There really isn’t much to do on it.

I’ve also made some great progress on Amelia’s cardigan. Although I did hit a snag. I measured her chest and it measured exactly with what the size 2 finished measurement is. I knew that wouldn’t work as she’ll outgrow it too quickly. So I decided to make the next size up even if it is a bit big on her right now. Of course, I ended up running out of yarn. Now I need to order more just so I can finish the left front panel. The right and back are done. The sleeves are in a different color and I have more than I need for it. Go figure. So I’ve got to remember to call Knit Picks before it’s too late and pray that they can get me the same dye lot or if not, that it’s not too far off the mark. But I did start the sleeves while I wait for more yarn to finish the front.

I also made a crochet hat ornament for a co-worker. She loved it. You can see pics at Flickr.


I’m so behind on blogging. Guess life has gotten in the way and my updates aren’t as frequent as they used to be. Oh well. It happens. It’s not like I have that many visitors anyway.

So Amelia is doing well with her tubes so far. We got a clean bill of health at her followup. Yeah! It was so nice to see a doctor and not get the news of an ear infection. I hope this continues. She will be 14 months old in 10 days and she still hasn’t gotten any teeth. Know what she wants for Christmas? Her 2 front teeth! LOL! I had to do it. Actually any teeth would be wonderful. She’s been extra fussy the last few nights, so I’m wondering if we finally might see a few teeth pop in soon. Crossing our fingers.

She’s at the separation anxiety stage heavily now. She literally clings to my pants and buries herself in my legs every day when I drop her off at daycare. It breaks my heart to leave her there. She spends more time there than at home and it’s hard to come to terms with but I don’t have much choice.

She saw Santa this weekend when we went to Florida to visit family and she did not like it. The pictures show her with her mouth wide open, red-faced, screaming! It’s cute though and will be a great memory.

Other than that, there really isn’t much other news. I’ve been working on some crochet gifts for her teachers, trying to get the house organized and working.


I’m once again having inadequacy issues. I feel like I’m not doing as much as I should, as a wife, in the home, as a mom, at work.

My house is a wreck, I keep forgetting stuff for daycare, I feel like I’m missing too many days of work and not getting anything done. And I feel like I’m neglecting my husband. Not sure what to do about it all, except to forget that I’m my own person and start focusing on everything and everyone else so that things get accomplished and finished and done, etc.

I’m still sort of in a budget crunch so I have no idea how I’m going to manage Christmas this year. I’ve only bought Amelia one gift. I haven’t even thought about what to do for her teachers or my secret Santa at work, much less the rest of my family. My house is a mess and needs a good cleaning (as in mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc). I really need some help with Amelia, because lately I’ve been getting so frazzled trying to do everything myself since DH was sick or gone. I’m hoping her ear tubes will keep her from getting sick so much, so I won’t have to miss as much work.

Plus, I’d like to find a little more time to get some of my knitting projects done. I’m starting to loathe the fact that they take forever to finish. It’s getting ridiculous. I never get to start anything new, because I’m still working on the same ‘ol stuff I’ve been working on for the past several months or even years. But that’s something for me and we all know that moms don’t get to do stuff for themselves very often.

We must always put husbands and children and home before ourselves. So maybe those will never get done. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I at least felt that the rest was getting done. But it’s not getting done either. And I don’t know why because I feel like I’m constant doing stuff. And I feel like I’m getting pressure to sit and watch television with my husband, which would be spending quality time with him and it should count, but then I feel I should be doing something else instead of just sitting there.

I guess I’m in a no-win situation and it’s starting to get a little overwhelming.